Remote Work Software That Works

As you know, 2020 threw the world for a loop. No one was planning on the world being shut down, businesses being closed, or people being isolated from others. Because of this, remote work and remote work software is more popular than ever before.  

According to Findstack, “99% of people would choose to work remotely for the rest of their life, even if it was just part-time.” In order to remain competitive as an employer, you need to consider offering at least a hybrid model of work, if not full remote options.    

With the possibility of another shutdown due to the delta variant, and worker preferences, we need remote work software that we can rely on.  

What is a Hybrid work model?  

With or without a current lockdown, more and more business owners are seeing the value in a hybrid work model. This model allows employees to work from different locations. These locations do include the office. However, hybrid workers can choose to work from home, on the road, or any other location that suits them or that is necessary. Offices that are set up for a hybrid work model are ready for the unexpected in ways that other companies are not.  

It is important that these hybrid offices have the appropriate remote work software. It’s a great idea for companies to want to be hybrid, but without the proper equipment, the structure will collapse.  

Challenges of Remote Working 

There are other challenges besides just correct software and equipment to consider when talking about hybrid and remote work. According to Business Insider, there are some major issues when it comes to working remotely. These issues include: 

  • Problems with technology may not get resolved as quickly as they would in the office, and can make it difficult to work remotely. 
  • With no coworkers in your living room, socializing with your peers can be a challenge and make remote work pretty lonely. 
  • A lack of interaction with coworkers can also make team-building difficult. 
  • Communication with coworkers or clients can easily be misconstrued. 

This is where remote work software can really step in and solve problems.  

Remote Work Software and The Virtual Office 

With proper implementation, remote work software can solve these pain points. When utilizing the right software, your business will have access to virtual meeting rooms and other tools that allow for real-time collaboration and connections. Workers can share files and connect with each other just like they would in a real-life meeting room.  

One of the most alarming issues to working remotely is the toll it can take on worker’s mental health. The need for human connection is a real need that an in-person work environment fulfills. Did you know that there are some remote work software programs that can also promote human connection?  

Remote Work Software That Works 

Zib Messenger is a virtual office solution that allows each individual user to create their own avatar. This avatar enters the virtual office and performs tasks for the user, such as sending your avatar into a meeting room to collaborate with coworkers via video conferencing and group messaging. This virtual office is similar to a game but keeps your team collaborating in real-time. As a worker, you enter the same “office world” as your coworkers. Additionally, only people the administrator allows to enter can enter your office, so it’s secure!  

With Zib Messenger, your employees will have access to all the same communication and collaboration tools they would have access to in a physical office. With the regular messenger, your employees can file share and chat quickly and easily. With the virtual office, your employees can interact and fulfill their needs to connect with others.  

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