Work From Home Tools

Working from home has become more popular than ever. However, it’s not always an easy transition from an in-person, in-office set up to working from your home. What are somethings you need to make this transition possible? What work from home tools are needed for optimum productivity and efficiency? 

In this article, we will discuss some perks of remote work as well as some work from home tools to set your workers up for success.  

Perks of Working from Home for Businesses 

The good news for businesses is that there are a lot of perks when offering remote work to employees. The cost savings alone are enough to impress any business decision maker. Businesses that have remote workers save on rent, utilities, furniture, equipment, and maintenance. Along with cost savings, there are a lot of personnel perks also.  

Some decision makers are concerned about the productivity of their remote workers. However, 94% of employers surveyed by Mercer reported that remote worker’s productivity remained the same or went up.  

Not only does productivity go up, but workers who have the option of working remotely have a higher appreciation for their company and their choice. As the workforce continues to age, millennials, who have had access to computer technologies most of their lives, are becoming the largest number of workers. 

Another great perk of offering remote work is that you open your employee pool to workers who may not be local to you. This helps you build your workforce to staff that is highly skilled due to lack of local restrictions. Also, when you find a highly skilled worker, you do not have to foot the cost of relocation.  

The final perk we will discuss is the lower rate of absent workers. As people work from home, they are more likely to continue working if they are feeling a little under the weather. This is because they can rest when they need to, and they don’t need to travel to work, or worry about potentially infecting others. 

Work From Home Tools  

When an employee is working from the office, they have complete access to everything they need to complete their job. The office tools and technology, company information and anything else an employee needs is right at their fingertips when working in-office.  As a company transitions to a hybrid or remote model of work, they need to ensure that their employees still have access to necessary materials.  

The question becomes, how do we give remote worker the correct work from home tools to be successful and productive? How do we make sure our employees have access to private company information? Will they have the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, provide accurate and top-notch customer service, and work efficiently while working from home?  

With the right work from home tools, these fears are nonexistent. As long as your remote employee has a device that connects to the internet, and a sound internet connection, they have everything they need to be successful. 

Virtual Office Space 

The right work from home tools are not nearly as expensive as you may think. In fact, using a virtual office space can be the inexpensive answer you are looking for. A virtual office space allows workers to interact as if they were in a physical office. Collaboration and human interaction are important aspects of the work environment.  

A virtual office allows workers to enter the same workspace for both collaboration and human interaction. Remote workers can video conference, file share, and message each other in real time, just like they would be able to if they were physically standing in the same room.  

A virtual office is the ultimate solution for any business looking to make the move to remote, while also maintaining the collaborative benefits that come from a centralized location for your staff. 

Zib Messenger Offers Work From Home Tools

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