Community Chat Capabilities

So, what is the next evolution in chat and how can businesses take advantage of this technology? Community chat is taking businesses to new heights. Below we will discuss what community chat is and why your company needs to incorporate it into your communications toolbox, plus all the benefits of doing so.  

Chat: Different Uses in the Office 

You can use current chat programs for file sharing, voice calls, and even video calls with screen share. This makes it easier for your employees to work together without actually being in the same room. This is a great option for remote and hybrid workers who are not always in the office. However, some businesses are realizing the potential that chat has to not only connect their employees to each other but also their employees to their customers.  

With chat happening in real-time, the speed at which connections are made is unmatched by any other form of communication. Additionally, with chat being faster than email, chat has a huge advantage in customer service. 

Community Chat 

A community chat can take your current customer service capabilities to the next level. It connects brands and customers directly through online programming. Customers have access to a customer service representative in real-time and this allows for faster response times than compared to phone calls or emails.  

According to OpenPR, there are two forms of live chat that support a community chat concept. They are: 

  • “Active communication. The chat is manually initiated by an agent or brand advocate, or automatically by a live chat system as soon as a visitor opens a website or meets specific criteria (searched a keyword, has encountered an error, or has spent a specific amount of time on a website.) 
  • Passive communication. This form of community chat is activated when a visitor to a website clicks on the chat button that is displayed on the page.” 

Customer Benefits

Excellent customer service can set your business apart from your competitors. When you offer your customers more communication avenues, customer service improves. As your customer service improves, you should see positive changes in your bottom line.  

Millennials and Gen Zers are the fastest growing consumer group. Their preferred form of communication is messaging and chatting instead of phone calls or email. This is important to keep in mind as you look to the future of your business.  

There are many customer perks for community chat. Some of these perks include:  

  • Firstly, customer questions answered quickly and correctly.  
  • Efficiently correct customer’s concerns.
  • Additionally, representatives can increase lead conversion and increase sales. 

Business Benefits

Along with the great customer benefits of community chat, there are other benefits that will directly improve your business. The analytics that come with this chat can give your business insights on when you have visitors on your website. Plus, it can tell you the effectiveness and efficiency of your representatives.  

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Community Chat and You 

Adding community chat to your business has never been easier. With the help of In-App Chat, you can get started with online chatting capabilities today. We have a perfect platform packed full of features that are ready and waiting for you to add to your communications toolbox.  Contact us to speak with one of our trained experts. We can help you get started today!