How to Monetize Virtual Events

Online events are becoming more and more popular, but not many people know how to monetize virtual events. It is important to make sure you take advantage of the opportunity virtual events provide for your business. Below we will discuss a few ways that you can maximize your potential with virtual events and generate revenue while utilizing occasions. With these tips and tricks, you can monetize virtual events easily. Keep in mind that in order to promote and drive a good number of registrants, most marketers need 6 weeks to promote a virtual event.

Monetize Virtual Events Through Ticketing 

Ticketing is your main income stream for a virtual event. However, it is also where your attendees will form their first impression of your event. You want to make that initial purchase process as simple and seamless as possible while offering your attendees a great value for their purchase price.  

For any in-person event, your attendees will research your event including the venue, the speakers, any freebie take-aways, etc. in order to justify the ticket price. Virtual events are similar because attendees want value for their money. You will need to determine what type of content will be most valuable to attendees before they commit to buying a ticket or signing up. 

You can offer value through great speakers and workshops. You can also offer value in the form of webinars, eBooks, and other valuable content for your attendees. Remember, there is also a lot of value in networking, so offering a way for attendees to interact with each other will hold a lot of value as well.  

Monetize Virtual Events Through Sponsorships 

Finding sponsors is an easy way to make money with virtual events. Spreading out the cost among sponsorships can ease the cost burden of your virtual event. There are many avenues you can use to entice sponsors to your event. 

When finding sponsors for virtual events, you need to make sure there is value for them as well. Some key areas for sponsorship opportunities include banner advertisements, logos, images, exhibit space with a virtual booth, and other web based assets.  

You should create sponsorship packages in the same manner that you would for in-person events. Make sure to create tiered packages for your sponsors. This helps both big and small businesses have the opportunity to get involved with your virtual event.  

When you are creating sponsorship tiers, make sure to create a high value at each level. This will make it easy for your sponsors to agree to come on board for your virtual event.  

Monetize Virtual Events with Affiliate Marketing and Online Ads 

Affiliate marketers can promote your virtual event to people that may not have otherwise been aware of your event. With the right affiliate partners, your event can get some word-of-mouth advertising that costs you very minimal but has a big payout. 

Online ads are another way for you to drive up ticket sales. Social media analytics can help you narrow down your advertising efforts to reach only your target market. Banner ads on industry specific websites can also be a great way to reach your target audience.  

Monetize Virtual Events with Zib Messenger 

Zib Messenger is a perfect platform for your virtual events. There is an open lobby, breakout meeting rooms, and so much more. Your speakers, sponsors and attendees will love how easy it is to interact with each other within the system.  

Your guests will be delighted and surprised at how similar a virtual event can be compared to in-person event with Zib Messenger. If you would like to learn more about how to use Zib Messenger for your virtual events, contact us. We can get you started and ready to monetize virtual events today!